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Welcome to the Internet Home Page for the Journal of Geek Studies

The Journal of Geek Studies is a venue for publishing research, studies, and articles on other issues important to Geek society. The Journal is published on an irregular basis, as deadlines are to Geeks much as they are to cats.

Here at the Journal's home page, we have made publically available certain articles which we feel are of particular importance, and which should be available to any and all interested persons, Techi-Nerdus or not.

Once upon a time, when men were men, women were women, and adventures were epic, groups of hardy souls would set out to discover the wonders of man and nature.

Presented here are the records of two such ventures, rather different than some. The implications may be disturbing, but the truth must be made public and the brave souls involved honored.

Everest: Photo Saga of an Expedition

Descent Into Paradise: The Exploration of the Fabled Canyon of Shangri-La

For many, the questions "What is a Geek?" and "Why do Geeks act that way?" are perplexing, particularly when encountering group Geek behavior in an on-line setting. Therfore, we present this paper:

Investigation into the Group Behavioral Dynamics of the Species Homo Techie-Nerdus

It has been suggested by certain researchers that before recorded human history as currently accepted, there existed another civilization, or more properly, a set of civilizations termed the "Palladium" Era or Epoch (there seems to be little consencus yet on the proper terminology). One of the more startling assertions about the Palladium Era is that other sentient beings than humans shared the world with human beings. Although some at the Journal are sceptical, we have agreed to publish two papers regarding the subject here on our Internet Home.

The Strange History of the Dreadful Wolfen Corsair AnnaMaria Dellasandros, Commonly known simply as "Dallas"

Chronicler of the Corsair, The life and works of Hrrul Arkinsdaughter

Other Items of Interest

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