Dracos and Otter

IAFSM Conference Program Books

2015, Proofreading Draft, 3 March., Low Resolution PDF

2014, Low-resolution PDF

Windycon 40 Publications (PDF unless noted)

"Big Tent" Flyer, color, letter-size

"Big Tent" Flyer, greyscale, letter-size - use this version if you don't have a color printer!

Publications guidelines handout: Publications deadlines, and other useful information.

Full-page ad, color, PDF

Full-page ad, greyscale, PDF

Full-page ad, color, JPG

Full-page ad, greyscale, JPG

Leather-Related Handouts & Instructions (all PDFs, print-quality)

Handstitching Tutorial by Ron Ross, re-formatted for print

"Leather for Coustuming" handout to go with basic leatherworking tools, etc. presentation

Keychain Instructions

Book Cover Instructions

Belt Pouch Instructions